Pewter Christmas Ornament Stands
$2.80 each
Gently bend until
both ends are approximately
1.75" apart.  A bottle cap or
bottle neck works well for this.
Bend the stand around the neck
or similarly shaped object,
pressing with both thumbs.
Adjust the final width to match
the medallion size.  The Made
in USA logo should be on the
inside when finished.
So now you have that great ornament but want
to display it on a table.

Our Pewter Christmas Themed Ornament Stand
is just the answer.

Order them on the drop-down menu on the
Christmas Ornament Page
Stands are shipped flat but are easily
shaped to accommodate the ornaments.
(Click to enlarge)
NOTE: Stands will not work with our Christmas Building
series because the buildings already have a flat base at the
bottom allowing them to stand on their own.